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About the Artist


My name is Cami.

I believe that art is the passageway to the soul and that something free can only be captured by the imagination. I thrive on creating something through my fingertips, through the messages of your heart. That is the only truthful inspiration. I believe that the past is a beautiful gift that we are given to look back upon, and I feel complete in capturing that,because every minute that passes is something older than this moment, and something we strive to have once more.

I have a wonderful husband, Gordon, he makes me strawberry smoothies at night and pancakes and eggs in the morning 🙂 We live in beautiful Pacific Missouri, where the grass grows tall and the trees grow thick, and the fields grow golden brown. Upon a hilltop where the skyline and the stars collide.

Photography is my passion and career. Art is my release and my escape. Style is my expression and voice. My life is my faith and my sacrifices for a higher being.



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  1. Tina permalink
    May 16, 2011 5:15

    Hello! i was wondering if i could get information on your packages, how much and what they include!?

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